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The owner and tour director is Chris Skow. In 2020 he is celebrating 55 years in the tour and travel industry. Chris wants to give everyone the opportunity to take advantage of his offer to give a special TRAVEL TUESDAY DISCOUNT of 5% on any tour that we are now offering in 2020. This discount is valid through Saturday December 14, 2019. In order to qualify for the 5% discount you must place your reservation and pay the required deposit by the 14th. Reservations can be made by e mail, phone or fax. This discount does not apply to single room supplements on any tour. No other discounts can be combined with this offer, such as early bird discounts. Additionally if you book by the deadline of December 14 you will receive a 10% discount voucher that you can apply to any additional tour that you may want to book on for 2020.



2020 rail Tour offerings






Rail and Ancient Wonders of

Israel and Jordan


departure - mar 14, 2020


Join us for 19 days on our first visit to Israel. We will be seeing many of the ancient wonders of both Israel and Jordan. This is our first visit to Israel, and a rail tour which will visit most of the freight lines in the country over three days, appropriately using a selection of freight locomotives to supplement one of the few freight locomotives still fitted with door opening controls which must be part of our special train.

Rail and Ancient Wonders of Jordan


departure - mar 22, 2020


Join us for 11 days as we explore the railways and ancient wonders of the kingdom of Jordan. Beginning at Amman. Then visiting the Citadel, the Roman Theater, and to many other sites of antiquity. The highlight of the tour being – the “Red Rose City” of Petra where we can visit the giant red mountains and vast mausoleums of a departed race at sunrise, or later if you wish. Although much has been written about Petra, nothing really prepares you for this amazing place: it has to be seen to be believed.

springtime in sicily


departure - mar 30, 2020


Our visit will be for 12 days in the early spring to take advantage of the pleasant temperatures at that time of year. Sicily has seen a variety of different cultures, including the original Italic people, the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Saracens, Normans, Spaniards and French, each contributing to the island’s culture, particularly in the areas of cuisine and architecture. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and has a population of approximately five million. It also has a very interesting and extensive railway system with most lines still in use, but several threatened with closure.

italian vintage


departure - may 2, 2020


You are invited to join us on an exclusive 10 day rail-based holiday in northern Italy and the Italian Lakes. We spend 6 nights based in Turin and 3 nights in Venice. This will include seeing - the 15th century Renaissance cathedral and the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, travel to Superga on the historic rack tramway, travel by high-speed train service to Milan, and more.

Golden Eagle

Trans-Siberian Express Charters


Eastbound departures 2020 - may 3 - may 31 - jul 26 - aug 23

Westbound departures 2020 - may 16 - jun 13 - aug8 - sep 5


15 days east from Moscow to Vladivostok, and 15 days west from Vladivostok to Moscow, Indisputably the world's greatest railway journey, the Trans-Siberian Railway runs from Moscow over the Urals, across the magnificent Russian steppes and alongside the shores of the world's largest freshwater lake. By the time our train arrives in Vladivostok it will have passed through eight time zones, and traveled over 6,000 miles - one third of the way around the world.

the hungary vampire


departure - may 4, 2020

Railfan Tour

On this years 8 day Hungary enthusiasts railtour, we again visit rare lines, use unusual locomotives and travel in vintage stock provided by MÁV Nosztalgia, with two ex-ÖBB first class open carriages, one at each end of the train. A restaurant car and former governmental saloon No. 55, offering a big central table, will be situated in the middle of the train.

Grand Alpine Express


departure - may 8, 2020


Join us for 11 days as we travel from the classic capital cities of Budapest and Vienna, we venture deep into the Austrian Tyrol before heading across the valleys of the Swiss Alps and onwards through the Italian Lake District as we visit Como and Garda before heading into the lesser-known but equally beautiful country of Slovenia and its jewel in the crown, Lake Bled. Traverse some of the most scenic railway lines in the world as the Golden Eagle Danube Express weaves its way through tunnels, across viaducts and over mountain passes. Journeys end will be in the stunning maritime city of Venice, an outstanding mix of Gothic and Renaissance palaces perched on the edge of the Italian coast. A perfect end to a memorable journey of alpine discovery.

rocky mountain express


departure - may 15, 2020

Tourist / Railfan Tour /Private Rail Car

We invite you to spend 3 days with us and enjoy luxury first class rail travel the way it was meant to be. Every passenger has a guaranteed dome seat with a fantastic view of the High Sierra in California, the Wasatch Range in Utah, Rocky Mountains in Colorado. and the farms of Iowa. We are pleased to announce the return of the Rocky Mountain Express using two of the original streamlined Union Pacific passenger cars. The Northern Sky is a dome/sleeper/lounge with four double bedrooms on the lower level plus the lounge area and 17 seats in the dome. The Northern Dreams is a sleeper/lounge car with six double bedrooms. Both cars will be attached to the rear of Amtrak.

gorgeous georgia and armenia


departure - jun 6, 2020


For 17 days try to Imagine a land almost as old as time itself, and from where, according to anthropologists, the Caucasian race began. It’s a land where mountains higher than the Alps tumble into a warm blue sea, and where also, those verdant lower slopes were the birthplace of fine wine. A land whose contours house many charming Orthodox Monasteries adorned with frescos of former monarch David the Builder, and patron saint St George. That land is of course Georgia, once a vassal of the Soviet Union, and now a country paving its own way, whilst looking westward to Europe for its future.

balkan odyssey


departure - jun 17, 2020


Relaxing and sophisticated, you’ll relish the leisurely pace as you’re transported for 10 days to some of Europe’s most intriguing destinations, whilst enjoying the intimacy of your private carriage.

balkan explorer


departure - jun 23, 2020


Absorb the unique blend of culture, ancient tales and architectural treasures on this fascinating 11 day voyage aboard the Golden Eagle Danube Express. Meandering through verdant landscapes and along turquoise coastlines, this exclusive rail cruise delivers a captivating exploration of the Balkan nations and their surrounding countries.

castles of transylvania


departure - jul 1, 2020


Join us for 7 days as we Absorb the vibrant cultures, ancient castles and spectacular scenery of Transylvania on this exclusive rail cruise aboard the Golden Eagle Danube Express.

Central European Classics


departure - jul 5, 2020


Our romantic 8 day exploration through captivating landscapes and charmed cities, combines architectural masterpieces from some of Europe’s most poignant periods, with a fascinating insight into modern European culture and traditions. This journey can be combined with Castles of Transylvania.

By Train To The Midnight Sun


departure - jul 8, 2020


In this 15 day tour, We travel by train to Lapland, the Land of the Midnight Sun, where reindeer stroll the streets and Father Christmas is said to live, and where you can ski round the clock in the summer. A long train journey can be a wondrous and romantic experience, like a fairytale. The train takes you away from your world and whisks you off through magic landscapes to mythical places you’ve only ever heard of, converting the dreamlands of your imagination into almost unbelievable realities.

steam in the andes


departure - aug 8, 2020

Railfan Tour

Join us for 14 day as we travel, Ecuador…..last stronghold of rugged mountain railroading using steam in the Andes of South America and the gem of the Equatorial Andes, is a small but spectacular country that encompasses an amazing variety of landscapes, with great biodiversity, not to mention a fascinating cultural and historical lagacy once associated with the great Empire of the Inca.

Journey Buenos Aires To Lima


departure - sep 6, 2020


This out-of-the-ordinary tour will take you from Buenos Aires, Argentina through Bolivia to Lima, Peru in a 21-day, once-in-a-lifetime adventure! We will take travelers from the iconic city of Buenos Aires to Tucuman, from where we visit the famous wine region of Cafayate. You then travel on the iconic “Tren a las Nubes” on the famous C-14 Line and continue the journey through the incredible landscape of the Uyuni Salt Flats to La Paz in Bolivia.



departure - sep 18, 2020

RAILFAN / tourist TOUR

spend 13 days Traveling through the Balkans by train with us and along the way visit the culturally rich cities of Belgrade, Skopje and Sofia and other smaller, but equally historic, towns on route. We travel on the amazing “Šargan Eight” railway, one the most scenic railways in Europe and is considered a unique construction masterpiece in the world among the narrow-gauge railway lines. Narrow gauge railway fans will love this holiday as we also visit the stunning Septembri to Bansko line. A two foot six gauge line, known as the “Alpine Railway of the Balkans” and takes 5 hours to cover the full length.

China and tibet rail discovery


departure - sep 26, 2020


Enjoy 15 days of Touring On Board The Shangri-La Express With A Difference Traversing Across The Remote Wilderness Of China Through Stunning Scenery And Ancient Cities Before Offering A Magical Exploration Of Tibet, Known Affectionately As The Roof Of The World, And Home To More Himalayan Peaks Than Anywhere Else.



departure - oct 3, 2020

Tourist / Railfan Tour

Induldge yourself for 10 days of Fall colors in New England, there is nothing like it any place else in the United States. Join us for a spectacular week of sightseeing and train journeys in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont during the height of the fall colors. This tour will present to you some of the most awesome scenery in New England. The mountains are covered in blazing color that signals winter is again approaching. This tour features a number of spectacular train rides in all four states. The tour begins and ends in Boston.

Steam and spa in bulgaria


departure - oct 3, 2020

Tourist / Railfan Tour

Join us on a rail-based 11 day tour around the central region of bulgaria visiting the best of the ancient and cultural sites. You will see wonderful monasteries, Thracian tombs, the ancient capital of Bulgaria, Europe’s oldest inhabited city and much more, as well as traveling on some very fine railway lines, including the “Alpine railway in the Balkans”. From the lively capital city of Sofia, to small remote picturesque villages, known for superb folk art, we guarantee that Bulgaria will entrance you.

Crimean Express By Steam


departure - oct 19, 2020


Join us for a 17-day adventure on our private train, consisting of Golden Eagle Imperial Class en-suite sleeping accommodation as well as Gold and Silveler Class accommodation plus lounge and restaurant cars. Scheduled to be steam-hauled throughout the 3,750 miles (6,050 km) journey, the Crimean Express is a wonderful opportunity to journey through cities of great historical importance and natural beauty as we travel from St Petersburg, calling into Belarus and onto the Crimean Peninsula situated on the Black Sea, where the warm Mediterranean climate created the ‘Playground of the Tsars’.


Tour Price: All tour prices are subject to change without notice, at any time. All prices based on double room occupancy. Those people that use a credit card for payments a 3% convenance fee will be added to the tour price. We reserve the right to change tour prices if necessary without prior notice.


Prices do not include:Personal items, meals not listed in the itinerary, laundry, phone calls, excess baggage charges, rental cars, side tours, insurance, passport fees including visas, vaccinations, gratuities, medical costs, tips to train or motor coach staff, extra tour costs due to unanticipated changes in the itinerary for reasons beyond our control, including weather, travel conditions, or cancellations, government intervention, sickness, political disputes, and failure of transportation or other causes beyond our control.


TRAVEL AND HEALTH DOCUMENTS:A valid passport is required for our international tours. In some cases a visa is also needed. Consult your health professional for the recommended immunizations and documents. Trains and Travel , here on referred to as TT, assumes no other responsibility if a client is refused entry into a country. Cost and cancellation fees will be paid by the client in the event they do not have valid documents.


CHANGE OF ITINERARY:We reserve the right to substitute, alter or modify the tour if any unexpected and unforeseen conditions beyond our control preventing the completion of such. Conditions can include weather, train schedules, equipment, motive power, revision of train consist, train delays, labor strikes, political disputes, derailments, closure of a rail line, break down of railroad or motive power equipment, railroads not honoring contracts and bus equipment problems. We will always endeavor, in each case, to provide substitutes, if any changes take place. TT is not responsible for canceled trains, delays, hotel rooms, route changes or missed connections, for any reason whatsoever. We will not give refunds if such conditions or cancellations take place.


TRAVEL INSURANCE:Travel insurance is strongly suggested. Insurance will cover and give tour members many benefits and protection. Benefits include baggage loss, accident, life, trip cancellation, sickness, bankruptcy, strike, weather conditions, employer termination or layoff effecting you or a person sharing the room with you, terrorist incident in your departure city or city of destination, jury duty, you are subpoenaed, hijacked, or quarantined, your residence or traveling companion residence is rendered uninhabitable, emergency military duty, traffic accident, single supplement upgrade when your room- mate cancels their trip, trip interruption, trip delay, missed connections, itinerary change, emergency medical benefits, medical evacuation, pre-existing medical conditions if enrollment is within 21days of your invoice date, assault of you or your traveling companion before departure, burglary of you or your companion before departure 24 hour hotline emergency assistance, emergency cash transfer and more .


RESPONSIBILITY AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY:Accepting your payment represents an agreement that you understand all the conditions, to be a member of our tours. TT gives notice that they are acting agents for the owners, contractors and suppliers, providing the transportation and all related travel services and assume no responsibility for equipment problems, mechanical failures, injury, sickness, damage, loss, additional expenses accidental delay or irregularities which may be caused through willful and or negligent acts or omissions on the part of the companies providing or engage in transportation, accommodations or services related to the accomplishment of the tour. Nor do we assume responsibility for natural disasters, social or political upheaval, acts of terrorism or acts of nature. TT reserves the right to substitute hotels, tour leaders, equipment, motive power, trains, onboard accommodations, routes and to alter the itinerary when deemed necessary without notice. The right is also reserved to cancel any trip or train prior to departure for any reason . TT is not responsible for expenses incurred by tour members in preparing for the tour, including non-refundable airline tickets, visa fees, planning, phone calls, or any other expenses. TT reserves the right to decline to accept, or ask to leave a tour, any person whose actions impede the daily operations of a tour, welfare or or enjoyment of other tour members. TT cannot give any refunds for any unused services. The terms contained herein shall serve as a waiver of liability to TT . Assumption of risk on behalf of the client, their heirs, executor, administrators, successors, and assigns for any and all known persons injuries. In many cases it is not possible to advise the passengers on reasons for train delays if beyond our control.


RESERVATIONS: A deposit is due in our office within 14 days after you make your bookings. Full payment is due 90 days before departure except for the Grand Canyon Limited in which full payment is due on a different schedule. You will receive an invoice, reservation form and current tour bulletins with your confirmation and travel insurance forms. No notice for final payment will be sent to you. It is your responsible to make the final payment on-time.


CANCELLATIONS:TT does not accept cancellations on the phone. Cancellations must be received by postal mail, email or fax before any refunds will be considered. Allow enough time if sending your written notice by US mail postal system. When a written cancellation is received in the Trains and Travel office this will be the effective date of the cancellation. Please take note that it can take up to 60 days to to process some refunds. Cancellation refund rules: 120 days prior to the start of any tour you will receive a refund less a $200 per person administration fee. 119 to 61 days before the departure of any tour there will be a 80% cancellation penalty based on the full cost of the tour. Cancellations received 60 or less days before the start of any tour will not receive any refund. GW Travel Ltd has their own cancellation rules and these will apply. If booking on GW Travel Ltd ask for cancellation rules.


PRE-DEPARTURE TOUR BULLETINS:Tour bulletins will be sent to clients that have booked on tours operated by TT . Bulletins include travel info related to the tour. Final documents will be sent out about two to three weeks before a tour begins. We offer tours operated by other companies and they may or may not send out tour bulletins and updates and most send out final documents only one to two weeks prior to the start of their tours.


PAYMENTS: Payments can be made with personal check drawn on a U.S. Dollar account, money order for U.S. Dollars, bank wire transfer, or credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express. Final payment for all tours is due 90 days prior to departure and we will charge your credit card on file unless you have given us other instructions. If final payment has not been received 7 days after the due date, a late fee of $50 per week will apply.


SINGLE SUPPLEMENT:All prices are based on double room occupancy. We will try and match you with a roommate if one is available. If not, you may be charged the single room supplement listed for the tour you are booked on. Single rooms may not be available in some remote locations and on some trains.


TOUR REFUNDS:If for any reason tour members amend or delete any arrangements during travel, and leave the tour on their own, we cannot give any refunds on unused portions of the tour. If buses and trains are cancelled by the carrier or there is a labor strike or they go out of business, we cannot be held responsible and we cannot give refunds. Travel insurance will protect you for any of these reasons. If TT needs to cancel any tour everyone will receive a full refund. Please take note that in some cases refunds can take up to 60 days to process.


PARTIAL TOURS:We will allow passengers to join or leave a tour at certain points. Give us a call and we will try and work up a custom option for you.


MILEAGE COLLECTORS:Mileage collectors please take note that TT does not cater just to mileage collectors. We cater to all folks that enjoy trains and Rail journeys. We give strong warning that itinerary and route changes do happen and this is totally beyond our control when it does. If the only reason that you would want to book a tour is to collect the rare mileage, you need to understand that possible route changes do happen.


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