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2018 rail Tour offerings








Northbound Departures


Southbound Departures


private rail car / tourist / railfan tour

There are no positioning moves scheduled for 2018 at this time as the California Zephyr private rail cars are for sale and the owner has reported to us that a serious buyer has come forward. If this deal moves forward it is unclear at this time if these cars will be available for any public excursions. In fact it is possible that these cars may not even be based in California. Stay Tuned for Details.


cowboy express - snowflake express



jan 31

Westbound Departure VIA DONNER PASS:

feb 4


The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering is six days of poetry, music, dancing, workshops, exhibits, conversations, food and fellowship, rooted in tradition but focused on today’s rural West. The Elko Cowboy Poetry Gathering began 33 years ago as a place where Western ranchers and cowboys could come together to share poems about their lives working cattle. Join us in Elko to celebrate the arts and cultures of the American West.

slow train to guantanamo and beyond

the real cuba


Departure: feb 19


This 13 day tour is an in depth photo and educational study of the Cuban rail and transportation system and how it effects the Cuban culture and the people of this country. We will have two guides on this tour and on certain days the group will be split for special itinerary programs such as the rail historians and the transportation/culture historians plus people to people contact with the local Cubans .

Rail and ancient wonders of mexico


Departure: mar 2


This 15 day Central American destination of Mexico is included in most travelers’ bucket-lists, since this country is so close to home and has a fascinating history from the Aztec and Maya civilizations, colonial architecture aplenty and dramatic landscapes in a temperate zone plus some exciting train trips. This tour is enabling one to experience the renowned travel-brochure destinations, combining these with rail travel and other items of interest to both the tourist and the railfan.

the real cuba steam and culture


Departure: mar 5

Educational & People to People/Rail Historians Tour

Our 13 day tour visits the UNESCO heritage sites of Old Havana and Trinidad where, as well as the architecture, one of Cuba’s most distinctive anachronisms, roads full of 1950 classic American cars, can be witnessed. We look at cigar and rum production, and take to the countryside where the sugar harvest will be in full sway. The ‘zafra’ once employed fleets of American steam locomotives, and many of these are preserved and we expect to see almost 200 of them. We will make visits to where some of the locomotives are used for heritage operations.



Departure: jun 10


This out-of-the-ordinary tour will take you from Buenos Aires, Argentina through Bolivia to Lima, Peru in a 21-day, once-in-a-lifetime adventure! We will take travelers from the iconic city of Buenos Aires to Tucuman, from where we visit the famous wine region of Cafayate. You then travel on the iconic “Tren a las Nubes” on the famous C-14 Line and continue the journey through the incredible landscape of the Uyuni Salt Flats to La Paz in Bolivia. We then continue into Peru to Lake Titicaca. From the lake we continue our trek north to Cusco onboard Peru Rail’s Titicaca Express. Finally we take the train to the wonder of the world known as Machu Picchu and beyond.

Wonders Of Serbia, Bulgaria,

And Romania By Rail


Departure: jun 17


this 12 day tour Travels through the Balkans by train, and along the way visit the culturally rich cities of Belgrade, Sofia and Bucharest and other smaller towns on route. Each city or town has its own story to tell and is overflowing with history and charm at every turn. We close the tour with a visit to the forever famous Bram Castle, better known as Count Dracula’s home.

Hidden Slovenia


Departure: jul 3


This 10 day tour will take you to many of the wonderful scenic areas of Slovenia that are not on the normal tourist routes. Along the way we will visit World Heritage sites, vineyards and steam railways. We also spend a couple of nights in the ancient Austrian city of Graz and travel through the world famous Semmering Pass - not once, but twice!

By Train To The Midnight Sun


Departure: jul 11


While on this 15 day tour We will travel by train to Lapland, the Land of the Midnight Sun, where reindeer stroll the streets and Father Christmas is said to live, and where you can ski round the clock in the summer. A long train journey can be a wondrous and romantic experience, like a fairytale. The train takes you away from your world and whisks you off through magic landscapes to mythical places you’ve only ever heard of, converting the dreamlands of your imagination into almost unbelievable realities. Along the way, we will occasionally break our journey in order to visit some fabled northern Baroque cities, built on islands and shimmering in the summer sea.

Central France

and the Railways of the Pyrenees


Departure: jul 12


Our 12 Day journey through the beauty of Central France and the mountains of the Pyrenees takes in picturesque historic towns, steam trains, rack railways and a canal cruise. Beginning in the city of Orléans. From here along the Loire Valley to Blois, including a visit to the château. We continue south to Cahors, the capital of Lot Department. Important sights include the 14th century Valentré Bridge, and St Etienne Cathedral, a national monument. Then high up into the Pyrenees via Toulouse on the very scenic line to Latour de Carol. We continue east to Perpignan on the famous Little Yellow Train, and from Perpignan we experience another railway, Le Train Rouge. Then to the coastal resort and border town of Hendaye. Finally visiting one of the regions best museums, the Basque Railway Museum.

Northern Sweden

By Private Chater Train


Departure: jul 13


Join us for 10 days as we journey the northern part of Sweden, the most remote and sparsely populated part of the country, extending beyond the Arctic Circle into Lappland. Distances are considerable, accommodation sparse and there are few opportunities to change locomotives. Nevertheless, there is considerable railway interest, with parallel routes north linked by long freight only connecting lines and long freight branches to the Gulf of Bothnia. Being so far north, daylight hours in summer are long, and beyond the Arctic Circle the sun does not set at the time of our visit so we will enjoy continuous daylight here.

switzerland - rail tunnels &mountain passes


Departure: jul 27


Our 13 day visit to Switzerland will be different in 2018, in addition to the favorite Swiss trains and towns we will explore the base tunnels and the mountain passes that carry the trains. Included in this tour will be travel through the recently opened 35 mile Gotthard Base Tunnel which opened up to full rail traffic on December 11, 2016 and is the longest and deepest rail tunnel in the World.

sold out

trains & treasures of

england - scottland - wales


Departure: aug 26


Our 2018 22 day tour gives you the opportunity to visit all three countries on the British mainland, or you can choose the part that most interests you. The tour offers a balanced view of what this beautiful island can offer the railfan, as well as anyone interested in history and scenery. Travel in a group of no more than 20 like minded guests. Ride in executive motor coaches, on interesting trains and in boats as we travel from the English channel to the Scottish highlands. This tour is also being offered in three shorter options.



Departure: sep 4


Our 2018 22 day tour gives you the opportunity to visit many breath taking places through out China. Visit museums some with relics as much as 7000 years old.See the giant panda bears, once in a lifetime landscapes, and more.

Narrow Gauge Steam In Romania


Departure: sep 9


Our 9 day tour offers an insight into this interesting mixture, with visits to industrial, lumber and minor narrow gauge railways along with a chance to visit one of the most outstandingly well preserved medieval cities in central Europe plus a contrast in tram systems! This tour is made possible by Austrian, Georg Hocevar who has done more to develop and preserve Romanian Narrow Gauge Railways than any other.




Departure: sep 26


This 16 day tour will present to you some of the most exciting and scenic excursion train rides in the western states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and California. Additionally over 10 national and state parks will be visited as we make our way westward from Colorado to California using vans.

sure go

The Bulkan Circular By Private Charter train


Departure: sep 29


We return to south east Europe for an interesting circular tour encompassing four countries. Starting in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, with our private charter train comprising of three compartment coaches, we will make a roughly counter-clockwise journey through some varied and impressive scenery including river valleys, deep gorges and mountain ranges and take in Serbia, Macedonia and Greece.



Departure: oct 7


This out-of-the-ordinary tour will take you from Buenos Aires, Argentina through Bolivia to Lima, Peru in a 21-day, once-in-a-lifetime adventure! We will take travelers from the iconic city of Buenos Aires to Tucuman, from where we visit the famous wine region of Cafayate. You then travel on the iconic “Tren a las Nubes” on the famous C-14 Line and continue the journey through the incredible landscape of the Uyuni Salt Flats to La Paz in Bolivia. We then continue into Peru to Lake Titicaca. From the lake we continue our trek north to Cusco onboard Peru Rail’s Titicaca Express. Finally we take the train to the wonder of the world known as Machu Picchu and beyond.

Central Portugal By Private Train


Departure: oct 18


Join us on a exciting 6 day trip covering lines in Central Portugal aboard the recently restored “Schindler” carriages. After many years out of service, six of these carriages, dating from the 1940s and built by the Swiss Schindler Company, returned to service in the summer of 2017 on the Douro Line between Porto and Tua. These carriages have large opening windows. Based in Tomar, we will take our train along lines and to places that the Schindlers have not visited for many years, including the Beira Baixa, Elvas, Beja and the West Line. Throughout our tour, our train will be hauled by one of C.P.’s class 1400 diesel engines but it is hoped that on one day one of the class 1900 freight engines will be used.

Railways of Burma By Private Charter Train


Departure: nov 9


For 15 days tour The railways of Burma (more correctly Myanmar). They fascinating for the railway enthusiast with many trains diesel hauled on a meter gauge system initially built by the British, and with many British influences still present. The emphasis is on traveling interesting and ‘difficult to do’ railways, including the awesome Gokteik viaduct, the zig zag railways which ascend the steep mountain slopes and some pretty impressive bridges. Culture will not be forgotten and few must see sights will be included to give a break from train travel. Overall Burma is one of the safest countries for tourists in Asia.


Tour Price: All tour prices are subject to change without notice, at any time. All prices based on double room occupancy. Those people that use a credit card for payments a 3% convenance fee will be added to the tour price. We reserve the right to change tour prices if necessary without prior notice.


Prices do not include:Personal items, meals not listed in the itinerary, laundry, phone calls, excess baggage charges, rental cars, side tours, insurance, passport fees including visas, vaccinations, gratuities, medical costs, tips to train or motor coach staff, extra tour costs due to unanticipated changes in the itinerary for reasons beyond our control, including weather, travel conditions, or cancellations, government intervention, sickness, political disputes, and failure of transportation or other causes beyond our control.


TRAVEL AND HEALTH DOCUMENTS:A valid passport is required for our international tours. In some cases a visa is also needed. Consult your health professional for the recommended immunizations and documents. Trains and Travel , here on referred to as TT, assumes no other responsibility if a client is refused entry into a country. Cost and cancellation fees will be paid by the client in the event they do not have valid documents.


CHANGE OF ITINERARY:We reserve the right to substitute, alter or modify the tour if any unexpected and unforeseen conditions beyond our control preventing the completion of such. Conditions can include weather, train schedules, equipment, motive power, revision of train consist, train delays, labor strikes, political disputes, derailments, closure of a rail line, break down of railroad or motive power equipment, railroads not honoring contracts and bus equipment problems. We will always endeavor, in each case, to provide substitutes, if any changes take place. TT is not responsible for canceled trains, delays, hotel rooms, route changes or missed connections, for any reason whatsoever. We will not give refunds if such conditions or cancellations take place.


TRAVEL INSURANCE:Travel insurance is strongly suggested. Insurance will cover and give tour members many benefits and protection. Benefits include baggage loss, accident, life, trip cancellation, sickness, bankruptcy, strike, weather conditions, employer termination or layoff effecting you or a person sharing the room with you, terrorist incident in your departure city or city of destination, jury duty, you are subpoenaed, hijacked, or quarantined, your residence or traveling companion residence is rendered uninhabitable, emergency military duty, traffic accident, single supplement upgrade when your room- mate cancels their trip, trip interruption, trip delay, missed connections, itinerary change, emergency medical benefits, medical evacuation, pre-existing medical conditions if enrollment is within 21days of your invoice date, assault of you or your traveling companion before departure, burglary of you or your companion before departure 24 hour hotline emergency assistance, emergency cash transfer and more .


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RESERVATIONS: A deposit is due in our office within 14 days after you make your bookings. Full payment is due 90 days before departure except for the Grand Canyon Limited in which full payment is due on a different schedule. You will receive an invoice, reservation form and current tour bulletins with your confirmation and travel insurance forms. No notice for final payment will be sent to you. It is your responsible to make the final payment on-time.


CANCELLATIONS:TT does not accept cancellations on the phone. Cancellations must be received by postal mail, email or fax before any refunds will be considered. Allow enough time if sending your written notice by US mail postal system. When a written cancellation is received in the Trains and Travel office this will be the effective date of the cancellation. Please take note that it can take up to 60 days to to process some refunds. Cancellation refund rules: 120 days prior to the start of any tour you will receive a refund less a $200 per person administration fee. 119 to 61 days before the departure of any tour there will be a 80% cancellation penalty based on the full cost of the tour. Cancellations received 60 or less days before the start of any tour will not receive any refund. GW Travel Ltd has their own cancellation rules and these will apply. If booking on GW Travel Ltd ask for cancellation rules.


PRE-DEPARTURE TOUR BULLETINS:Tour bulletins will be sent to clients that have booked on tours operated by TT . Bulletins include travel info related to the tour. Final documents will be sent out about two to three weeks before a tour begins. We offer tours operated by other companies and they may or may not send out tour bulletins and updates and most send out final documents only one to two weeks prior to the start of their tours.


PAYMENTS: Payments can be made with personal check drawn on a U.S. Dollar account, money order for U.S. Dollars, bank wire transfer, or credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express. Final payment for all tours is due 90 days prior to departure and we will charge your credit card on file unless you have given us other instructions. If final payment has not been received 7 days after the due date, a late fee of $50 per week will apply.


SINGLE SUPPLEMENT:All prices are based on double room occupancy. We will try and match you with a roommate if one is available. If not, you may be charged the single room supplement listed for the tour you are booked on. Single rooms may not be available in some remote locations and on some trains.


TOUR REFUNDS:If for any reason tour members amend or delete any arrangements during travel, and leave the tour on their own, we cannot give any refunds on unused portions of the tour. If buses and trains are cancelled by the carrier or there is a labor strike or they go out of business, we cannot be held responsible and we cannot give refunds. Travel insurance will protect you for any of these reasons. If TT needs to cancel any tour everyone will receive a full refund. Please take note that in some cases refunds can take up to 60 days to process.


PARTIAL TOURS:We will allow passengers to join or leave a tour at certain points. Give us a call and we will try and work up a custom option for you.


MILEAGE COLLECTORS:Mileage collectors please take note that TT does not cater just to mileage collectors. We cater to all folks that enjoy trains and Rail journeys. We give strong warning that itinerary and route changes do happen and this is totally beyond our control when it does. If the only reason that you would want to book a tour is to collect the rare mileage, you need to understand that possible route changes do happen.


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