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OCTOBER 9-18, 2017




Tickets available over entire trip or just segments









Celebrate the glories of Fall from your seat in a Vista-Dome!  Experience what it was like to travel on the Scenic Way Across America in our Silver Fleet of private luxury rail cars. Our Silver Fleet cars which will be the Silver Rapids, Silver Lariat and Silver Solarium, will be coupled to the rear of Amtrak's Coast Daylight, California Zephyr and Cardinal and will travel over what is arguably the most beautiful rail route in the US as we make our way to Chicago, and on to Huntington, West Virginia. The Silver Lariat and Silver Solarium is to be a part of the famed New River Gorge special trains.


Our route will take us on a daylight trip northbound of our Los Angeles up the scenic California Coast with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Then enjoy the steep climb into the Santa Lucia Mountains with spectacular views of the San Luis Obispo Valley and our own train as it rounds a horseshoe curve and continues to climb into the mountains and passes through several tunnels to reach Cueata Pass and on into the Salinas Valley before entering the Bay Area. Our private cars will be parked at the Amtrak coaching yard. Remember, our cars are your hotel for all nights including those when the cars are parked for the night.


The next morning our cars are placed on the rear of Amtrak’s California Zephyr for the journey Oakland eastbound through the Bay Area then crossing the Sacramento Valley before heading up into the High Sierra Mountains passing over the Summit of Donner Pass, first crossed by rail in 1867. After a stop in Reno, Nevada we continue out across the Nevada desert and along the south shore of the Great Salt Lake to Salt Lake City, which is reached in the wee hours. Early Birds will watch dawn break over the Wasatch as we climb to Soldier Summit, then follow the Price River to the desert of eastern Utah.  Shortly before leaving Utah we encounter the Colorado River deep in the remote Rudy Canyon, and follow it for many miles east into the Rockies almost to its source near the Continental Divide.  Along the way we will travel through the fabled Five Canyons of the Colorado, most famous of which is Glenwood Canyon, for which the Vista-dome was conceived.   All the time we will see nature's spectacle of Fall Colors unfold before us.  We may even see some antelope, deer, or perhaps a migrating herd of elk in the higher reaches. We cross the Continental Divide underground, in the over six mile long Moffatt Tunnel.  Emerging back into late afternoon daylight we begin our nearly two hour descent of the Front Range to Denver.  As twilight approaches we get the illusion of an airliner slowly coming in to land as the lights of Denver, which we first saw far below, get ever closer. After a stop in Denver we set off to race across eastern Colorado,


Nebraska, and Iowa on our way to Chicago.  We cross the mighty Mississippi at Burlington in late morning, and start the final leg of our journey to the Windy City. For those passengers continuing on to West Virginia you will have two nights in Chicago to explore the points of interest in this city. As our private cars are serviced you will transfer to a hotel of you choice (Not Included in the Tour Price) Then our journey continues with our cars coupled to Amtrak's Cardinal, which will depart Chicago in the late afternoon on Oct 17.   Overnight we will travel through Indiana, parts of Ohio and Kentucky, and arrive at our destination in Huntington at about breakfast time.




We will start boarding our private cars at 9:45AM , located at the rear of Amtrak's Coast Starlight parked at Los Angeles Union Station, in time for a 10:10 AM departure. Guests may also board at any Amtrak station served by this train such as Burbank or Van Nuys. As we make our way north through the San Fernando Valley we enter the Santa Susana Mountains near Chatsworth at an elevation of 952 feet as we leave the greater Los Angeles area behind and soon enter Simi Valley. 67 miles north of Los Angeles we make a quick stop at Oxnard which is near the Pacific Ocean. Soon after departing Oxnard the tracks swing over to the beach and the blue waters of the Pacific. For over 100 miles the Coast Starlight will follow the Pacific Ocean. At some points the tracks are almost on the beach and no more than an elevation of 7 feet. We make our next station stop at Santa Barbara which is 104 miles north of Los Angeles. Next we pass through Surf well named for the foamy breakers seen from the train. The tracks then swing into the Casmalia Hills and into the lush Santa Maria Valley before again coming back to the ocean for one more look at Pismo. The train then climbs up to San Luis Obispo to an elevation of 238 feet. If both the northbound and southbound Coast Starlight's are online they will meet here. Once we depart be sure and either take a Vista Dome seat or open vestibule and enjoy the steep climb into the Santa Lucia Mountains with spectacular views of the San Luis Obispo Valley and our own train as it rounds a horseshoe curve and continues to climb into the mountains and passes through several tunnels to reach Cueata Pass and on into the Salinas Valley. Our next stop is at Paso Robles. As we race up the Salinas Valley we pass through many farms with field after field of lettuce and vegetables. This is Americas salad bowl. A brief stop at Salinas is made before we continue north as the sun sets in the west and we make our way to San Jose where another passenger stop is made. All too soon we enter the greater San Francisco Bay Area and arrival in Oakland.




Depart from the Oakland coaching yard at the rear of the California Zephyr for the short run to Emeryville to pick-up the Amtrak passengers. We then depart Emeryville at 9:10AM for the run along the San Francisco Bay , across the Sacramento Valley and over Donner Pass in the High Sierra. Lunch will be served as we climb into the mountains. Arrival in Reno is at 4:06PM. Passengers may board or detrain at any Amtrak station where this train makes a stop. This would be: Martinez, Davis, Sacramento, Roseville, Colfax, Truckee, or Reno. After departing Reno we speed out across the Nevada desert as you enjoy the sunset as you have dinner in the dome cars. Later in the evening you can have a night cap and turn in for the night. In Nevada the train makes stops at Winnemucca and Elko and we can take passengers at both of these stations.









Arrival in Salt Lake City, Utah is at 3:05AM and departure is at 3:30AM. We start the climb up into the Wasatch Range of Utah just before sunrise. Wake up to the scenic splendor of this colorful mountain range with a hot cup of coffee before a full breakfast is served in the dome cars. Once we reach Solder's Summit the train enters Price River Canyon and heads east into the eastern Utah desert towards Colorado. Soon we enter remote Ruby Canyon as the train runs next to the Colorado River and into Colorado deep in this canyon with bright red rock cliffs raising hundreds of feet above the train. As we make our way across Colorado we enter Glenwood Canyon deep in the Rockies and again following the Colorado River as lunch is served. Next the train enters Little and Big Gore Canyons with countless tunnels. At the ski resort of Winter Park we enter the 6.2 mile Moffat Tunnel and run under the massive spine of the Rockies and then start the steep descend towards Denver. Arrival in Denver is scheduled for 6:38PM. You are welcome to stretch your legs. Departure is at 7:10PM as our train picks up speed for the fast night run across Nebraska.








Early risers will catch the crossing over the Missouri River and into Iowa. The morning hours our train crosses Iowa running through the many farms. Late morning we cross the Mississippi River and enter Illinois. Finally we arrive in Chicago at 2:50PM. Our Chicago passengers leave us here but our Huntington passengers will need to arrange their own lodging for two nights and rejoin us Tuesday late afternoon.






Our Zephyr cars will be attached to Amtrak Cardinal departing Chicago at 5:45PM. After you get all settled in to your bedrooms then join us in the Vista Domes for cocktails and dinner as night falls crossing the Indiana countryside. For those still up you can stretch your legs in Indianapolis for a few minutes before departure at 11:59PM.




Early risers will catch a glimpse of Kentucky before we cross the Ohio River and enter West Virginia. Arrival at Huntington at 7:09AM. Passengers planning on riding the NRHS's New River Gorge excursion may stay onboard our cars if you wish which will be parked next to the depot. The New River Gorge tickets are sold separately by the NRHS. Follow this link for additional information and reservations:














One person.  Single murphy-style bed, sink with hot and cold running water in room.  Sofa-style chair and visitor bench by day.  Small closet for hanging garments.  Generous overhead storage shelf.


Double Bedroom:

1 or 2 persons.  Upper and lower berths.  Upper berth is the same size as the lower, with lots of headroom for those wishing to sit up and read. Enclosed annex containing toilet and sink (toilet, sink and hand-held shower in Silver Solarium.)  Closet for hanging garments; overhead storage for luggage.


Drawing Room:

Up to 3 persons.  Two lower berths and one upper berth, same size as lowers.  Sofa and folding chair for day use.  Larger annex with toilet, sink, and fixed-head shower.  Larger closet for hanging garments.  Overhead luggage storage.



One or two persons.  Booth seating folds to be come a standard double (full) bed.  Large closet for hanging garments, shelves under closet for luggage storage.  Annex with toilet sink and shower.




Los Angeles to Chicago, Oct 12-15:



Double Bedroom: double occupancy$2,999 

Drawing Room: double occupancy$3,499 

Stateroom: double occupancy$3,499 


Emeryville to Chicago, Oct 13-15:



Double Bedroom: double occupancy$2,499 

Drawing Room: double occupancy$2,999 

Stateroom: double occupancy$2,999 


Los Angeles to Denver, Oct 12-14:



Double Bedroom: double occupancy$1,999 

Drawing Room: double occupancy$2,399 

Stateroom: double occupancy$2,399 


Emeryville to Denver, Oct 13-14:



Double Bedroom: double occupancy$1,499 

Drawing Room: double occupancy$1,899 

Stateroom: double occupancy$1,899 


Chicago to Huntington, Oct 17-18:



Double Bedroom: double occupancy$1,199 

Drawing Room: double occupancy$1,599 

Stateroom: double occupancy$1,599 


Los Angeles to Oakland, Oct 12:


dome seat$279 

deposit to hold space$500 

if ticket price is less than $500 

full payment due at time of booking 

Final payment due August 12, 2017


note: For those passengers wanting to continue on to Huntington, West Virginia we will give you a 10% off of your entire ticket from California to West Virginia.


Tour Price: All tour prices are subject to change without notice, at any time. All prices based on double room occupancy. We reserve the right to change tour prices if necessary without prior notice.


Prices do not include:Personal items, meals not listed in the itinerary, laundry, phone calls, excess baggage charges, rental cars, side tours, insurance, passport fees including visas, vaccinations, gratuities, medical costs, tips to train or motor coach staff, extra tour costs due to unanticipated changes in the itinerary for reasons beyond our control, including weather, travel conditions, or cancellations, government intervention, sickness, political disputes, and failure of transportation or other causes beyond our control.


TRAVEL AND HEALTH DOCUMENTS:A valid passport is required for our international tours. In some cases a visa is also needed. Consult your health professional for the recommended immunizations and documents. Trains and Travel , here on referred to as TT, assumes no other responsibility if a client is refused entry into a country. Cost and cancellation fees will be paid by the client in the event they do not have valid documents.


CHANGE OF ITINERARY:We reserve the right to substitute, alter or modify the tour if any unexpected and unforeseen conditions beyond our control preventing the completion of such. Conditions can include weather, train schedules, equipment, motive power, revision of train consist, train delays, labor strikes, political disputes, derailments, closure of a rail line, break down of railroad or motive power equipment, railroads not honoring contracts and bus equipment problems. We will always endeavor, in each case, to provide substitutes, if any changes take place. TT is not responsible for canceled trains, delays, hotel rooms, route changes or missed connections, for any reason whatsoever. We will not give refunds if such conditions or cancellations take place.


TRAVEL INSURANCE:Travel insurance is strongly suggested. Insurance will cover and give tour members many benefits and protection. Benefits include baggage loss, accident, life, trip cancellation, sickness, bankruptcy, strike, weather conditions, employer termination or layoff effecting you or a person sharing the room with you, terrorist incident in your departure city or city of destination, jury duty, you are subpoenaed, hijacked, or quarantined, your residence or traveling companion residence is rendered uninhabitable, emergency military duty, traffic accident, single supplement upgrade when your room- mate cancels their trip, trip interruption, trip delay, missed connections, itinerary change, emergency medical benefits, medical evacuation, pre-existing medical conditions if enrollment is within 21days of your invoice date, assault of you or your traveling companion before departure, burglary of you or your companion before departure 24 hour hotline emergency assistance, emergency cash transfer and more .


RESPONSIBILITY AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY:Accepting your payment represents an agreement that you understand all the conditions, to be a member of our tours. TT gives notice that they are acting agents for the owners, contractors and suppliers, providing the transportation and all related travel services and assume no responsibility for equipment problems, mechanical failures, injury, sickness, damage, loss, additional expenses accidental delay or irregularities which may be caused through willful and or negligent acts or omissions on the part of the companies providing or engage in transportation, accommodations or services related to the accomplishment of the tour. Nor do we assume responsibility for natural disasters, social or political upheaval, acts of terrorism or acts of nature. TT reserves the right to substitute hotels, tour leaders, equipment, motive power, trains, onboard accommodations, routes and to alter the itinerary when deemed necessary without notice. The right is also reserved to cancel any trip or train prior to departure for any reason . TT is not responsible for expenses incurred by tour members in preparing for the tour, including non-refundable airline tickets, visa fees, planning, phone calls, or any other expenses. TT reserves the right to decline to accept, or ask to leave a tour, any person whose actions impede the daily operations of a tour, welfare or or enjoyment of other tour members. TT cannot give any refunds for any unused services. The terms contained herein shall serve as a waiver of liability to TT . Assumption of risk on behalf of the client, their heirs, executor, administrators, successors, and assigns for any and all known persons injuries. In many cases it is not possible to advise the passengers on reasons for train delays if beyond our control.


RESERVATIONS: A deposit is due in our office within 14 days after you make your bookings. Full payment is due 90 days before departure except for the Grand Canyon Limited in which full payment is due on a different schedule. You will receive an invoice, reservation form and current tour bulletins with your confirmation and travel insurance forms. No notice for final payment will be sent to you. It is your responsible to make the final payment on-time.


CANCELLATIONS:TT does not accept cancellations on the phone. Cancellations must be received by postal mail, email or fax before any refunds will be considered. Allow enough time if sending your written notice by US mail postal system. When a written cancellation is received in the Trains and Travel office this will be the effective date of the cancellation. Please take note that it can take up to 60 days to to process some refunds. Cancellation refund rules: 120 days prior to the start of any tour you will receive a refund less a $200 per person administration fee. 119 to 61 days before the departure of any tour there will be a 80% cancellation penalty based on the full cost of the tour. Cancellations received 60 or less days before the start of any tour will not receive any refund. GW Travel Ltd has their own cancellation rules and these will apply. If booking on GW Travel Ltd ask for cancellation rules.


PRE-DEPARTURE TOUR BULLETINS:Tour bulletins will be sent to clients that have booked on tours operated by TT . Bulletins include travel info related to the tour. Final documents will be sent out about two to three weeks before a tour begins. We offer tours operated by other companies and they may or may not send out tour bulletins and updates and most send out final documents only one to two weeks prior to the start of their tours.


PAYMENTS: Payments can be made with personal check drawn on a U.S. Dollar account, money order for U.S. Dollars, bank wire transfer, or credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express. Final payment for all tours is due 90 days prior to departure and we will charge your credit card on file unless you have given us other instructions. If final payment has not been received 7 days after the due date, a late fee of $50 per week will apply.


SINGLE SUPPLEMENT:All prices are based on double room occupancy. We will try and match you with a roommate if one is available. If not, you may be charged the single room supplement listed for the tour you are booked on. Single rooms may not be available in some remote locations and on some trains.


TOUR REFUNDS:If for any reason tour members amend or delete any arrangements during travel, and leave the tour on their own, we cannot give any refunds on unused portions of the tour. If buses and trains are cancelled by the carrier or there is a labor strike or they go out of business, we cannot be held responsible and we cannot give refunds. Travel insurance will protect you for any of these reasons. If TT needs to cancel any tour everyone will receive a full refund. Please take note that in some cases refunds can take up to 60 days to process.


PARTIAL TOURS:We will allow passengers to join or leave a tour at certain points. Give us a call and we will try and work up a custom option for you.


MILEAGE COLLECTORS:Mileage collectors please take note that TT does not cater just to mileage collectors. We cater to all folks that enjoy trains and Rail journeys. We give strong warning that itinerary and route changes do happen and this is totally beyond our control when it does. If the only reason that you would want to book a tour is to collect the rare mileage, you need to understand that possible route changes do happen.


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