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the king of instruments

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August 13-28, 2016

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The King Of Instruments


The King Of Instruments 2016


The King Of Instruments 2016



The King of Instruments! We'll visit some of the finest examples of this most grand and complex of musical machines on our round trip tour from San Diego to Seattle. We will visit concert organs, church organs, and theater organs. We'll make the same city stops in both directions (except San Luis Obispo), but each locale has many organs of interest, so we won't be visiting the same instrument twice. We will visit 2-3 organs per city, with demonstrations and a chance to meet the organist. In some locales we are hoping to arrange an organ crawl. Enroute, our private railcars will be your hotel, and our chefs will prepare an interesting menu, emphasizing fresh, in-season locally grown items. All guests will have private room accommodations consisting of roomettes, double bedrooms, drawing room, and stateroom. Most meals are included, as are hotel at the beginning of the tour and transfers from hotel to train. We'll be taking Silver Rapids, a roomette-bedroom sleeper and Silver Solarium, a Vista-Dome sleeper-lounge-observation car. As demand may warrant we'll add another sleeper and Silver Lariat, a Vista-Dome diner-lounge. Along the way we'll have seminars led by notables in the arts of organ performance and organ building. We may even have a 'crawl' or two!



The King Of Instruments






aug 13:

Out-of-town guests arrive Los Angeles, are welcomed aboard the railcars in the evening.


aug 14:San Diego pt. 1  Dr Carol Williams, organist

Visiting: Spreckels Outdoor Organ, Balboa Park (Austin/Blackington) 4 manuals/73 ranks;

TBD: St Paul's Episcopal Cathedral (Aeolian-Skinner/Wicks/Quimby)  4/81


aug 15:Los Angeles pt. 1  Christoph Bull, organist: 

Visiting: First Congregational Church of Los Angeles (Skinner/Schlicker) 5/346;

FCCLA Shatto Chapel  (Farrand & Votey/Murray Harris/Kilgen/Abbott & Sieker) 3/36 

UCLA: Schoenberg Hall  (Hradetzky) 2/21

Organ Studio (Noack) 2/19

TBD: Royce Hall (Skinner/ Turner) 5/104


aug 16:San Luis Obispo

Visiting: TBD:  San Luis Obispo Center for the Performing Arts (Fisk) 3/48


aug 17:Oakland/East Bay

Visiting: First Presbyterian Church (Rosales) 3/75 Organist TBD

Berkeley Community Theater (Wurlitzer) 4/41 Walt Strony, organist

Cathedral of Christ the Light (Letourneau) 4/94 Dr Rudy de Vos, organist


aug 18:Portland (afternoon) pt. 1

Visiting: Oaks Park Roller Rink (Wurlitzer) 4/18 Keith Fortune, organist (bring your skates!)


aug 19:Portland (morning) pt. 1

Revision:  Respite from organs Tour to Multnomah Falls and Timberline Lodge on the slopes of Mt. Hood.

Train departs 4:00 PM for Seattle.


aug 20:Seattle/Puget Sound area pt. 1

Visiting:  TBD:  Pacific Lutheran University (Fritts) 3/54s  Dr. Paul Tegels, organist

St. James RC Cathedral (Hutchings-Votey) 4/46

(Rosales) 3/48

(Robl/Bond) 2/6

St Mark's Episcopal Cathedral (Flentrop/Fritts) 4/79.  Michael Kleinschmidt, organist.

(Fritts)  2/17


aug 21:One way guests (northbound) depart; new guests arrive. Seattle/Puget Sound area pt. 2

Visiting:  Paramount Theater, Seattle (Wurlitzer Publix 1, original installation) 4/21

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church (Bond) 2/44  Michael Monikendam, organist.


aug 22:Portland (afternoon) pt. 2

Visiting:  Bond Organ Builders, Inc  Shop Tour

TBD:    Holy Rosary Catholic Church (Bond) 2/37


aug 23:Portland (morning) pt. 2


aug 24:San Francisco/Peninsula

Visiting:  Grace Episcopal Cathedral (Aeolian-Skinner)  4/125 Ben Bachmann or Paul Meier, organist

TBD: Old Mission San Jose (Rosales) 1/19 Ronald McKean, organist


aug 25:Enroute Los Angeles--relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery!


aug 26:Los Angeles pt. 2

Visiting: Walt Disney Concert Hall (Rosales/Glätter-Götz) 4/109  organist

TBD: Nethercutt Museum (Wurlitzer) 4/73.  Organist:  Kyle Irwin

Additional free time at the Nethercutt to enjoy its exquisite collections of classic automobiles, musical instruments, steam locomotive and private car.


aug 27:San Diego pt. 2

Visiting:  First United Methodist Church (Blackington) 4/108  Stephen Price, organist


aug 28:Guests depart


We're adding organs that we will visit, and will keep you posted here as changes occur.  Ones listed here are commitments or are in the final stages (TBD).  Please note that we might shift visits to the alternate date within a given city in the interest of balance.  Venues may be subject to change, particularly commercial venues, as in many cases the venue does not have a calendar that covers the dates we want to visit, or a rental for the venue arises.   We anticipate a "final" schedule within the next couple of weeks.


The King Of Instruments 2016


The King Of Instruments






Note: This is the anticipated pricing

including pre-trip hotel and transfer to the train:


Round trip    
Roomette: $6,999  
Bedroom: $6,999  
Drawing Room: $8,499  
Stateroom: $8,499  
Single Hotel supplement (Aug 13, 20) $125/night    


one way    
Roomette: $3,599  
Bedroom: $3,599  
Drawing Room: $4,399  
Stateroom: $4,399  
Single Hotel supplement (Aug 13, 20) $125/night    
DEPOSIT TO HOLD SPACE CONFIRMED ....................... $1,500  

Round trip


Bedroom: $6,999

Drawing Room: $8,499

Stateroom: $8,499

Single Hotel supplement (Aug 13, 20) $125/night


one way

Roomette: $3,599

Bedroom: $3,599

Drawing Room:$4,399

Single Hotel supplement (Aug 13, 20) $125/night






The King Of Instruments 2016


The King Of Instruments 2016


The King Of Instruments 2016





This tour will involve visits to locations that may not be wheelchair-friendly. Also, our vintage railcars cannot accommodate people who must use wheelchairs indoors, whether motorized or not, for their mobility. All guests must be able to walk at least short distances and be able to negotiate stairs, either alone or with assistance. Collapsible wheelchairs and walkers for longer distances when off the railcars can be accommodated.



The King Of Instruments