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North America


North To Seattle

private rail car / tourist tour

November 30 - December 1, 2016

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North To Seattle


Private railroad cars now allow travelers the option to step back in time and recapture that romantic era of train travel that Amtrak cannot provide. Once upon a time rail barons and wealthy socialites traveled the country on luxurious private railroad cars, dining on fine china and crystal and being pampered by the onboard staff. Now this form of luxury rail travel is being offering to everyone at a very reasonable price.


Passengers can sip on cocktails and nibble on hors d' oeuvres while sinking into deep leather sofas in lounges and vista domes and relax by the rhythm of the train wheels rolling down the track. All meals are prepared fresh onboard and made to order by the onboard gourmet chefs.


These private luxury rail cars are coupled onto the rear of scheduled Amtrak passenger trains all over the country. Our first class passengers are separated from the Amtrak passengers by locked doors. We provide our own onboard staff including our chef and make up our own gourmet menus for all meals. All drinks and food is included in the ticket price from the time you step onboard until you detrain. Everything is first class with every detail included. This is passenger train travel at it's finest.


North To Seattle


Three former California Zephyr cars need to be in Seattle for a charter train assignment and we are offering space on the positioning move Los Angeles to Seattle. Included in this positioning move will be the Silver Solarium Vista Dome-Sleeper-Rear end Lounge, the Silver Lariat Vista Dome Coach, and the Silver Rapids Sleeper.


Our chefs will prepare all meals on board from fresh ingredients. Daily meals will include breakfast, lunch, afternoon hors d'oeuvres and dinner. The bar, which features complimentary premium labels of beer, wine, and spirits, will be open until midnight.


Guests who purchased sleeping accommodations may stay aboard upon arrival in Seattle, if desired. We request that you vacate your room by 9:00 AM on Dec. 4, however, so we can prepare the cars for their used on the special charter train.


Accommodations: Silver Rapids has roomettes and bedrooms. Bedroom pairs may be opened ensuite, providing a couple with lower berth accommodations and individual rest rooms. Silver Rapids has a shower/changing room at one end of the car. Bedrooms have rest room annexes in each room, with toilet and sink. Roomettes have a sink in the room. Toilet facilities are a few feet down the hall.


Silver Solarium has bedrooms, a drawing room, and a stateroom. Each room has a rest room annex that includes a shower. All overnight guests will be provided with cotton terry cloth robes for use while aboard. The other usual hotel amenities will also be provided.


North To Seattle


DAY 1 WEDNESDAY November 30: (B-L-D)


We will board our private cars, located at the rear of Amtrak's Coast Starlight at Los Angeles and depart at 10:10AM. Guests may also board at any Amtrak station served by this train. As we make our way north through the San Fernando Valley we enter the Santa Susana Mountains near Chatsworth at an elevation of 952 feet as we leave the greater Los Angeles area behind and soon enter Simi Valley. 67 miles north of Los Angeles we make a quick stop at Oxnard which is near the Pacific Ocean. Soon after departing Oxnard the tracks swing over to the beach and the blue waters of the Pacific. For over 100 miles the Coast Starlight will follow the Pacific Ocean. At some points the tracks are almost on the beach and no more than an elevation of 7 feet. Be sure and take a peak outside at one of the vestibules for a breath of the salty sea. As we make our way towards Santa Barbara on a clear day you can look out over the Pacific and see the Santa Barbara Islands which were discovered in 1542.


North To Seattle



North To Seattle North To Seattle


We make our next station stop at Santa Barbara which is 104 miles north of Los Angeles. The world-famous Santa Barbara Mission was founded in 1786. As we continue north near Concepcion you can see two lighthouses located on the rocky bluffs overlooking the sea. Next we pass through Surf well named for the foamy breakers seen from the train. The tracks then swing into the Casmalia Hills and into the lush Santa Maria Valley before again coming back to the ocean for one more look at Pismo. The train then climbs up to San Luis Obispo to an elevation of 238 feet. If both the northbound and southbound Coast Starlight's are online they will meet here. Once we depart be sure and either take a Vista Dome seat or open vestibule and enjoy the steep climb into the Santa Lucia Mountains with spectacular views of the San Luis Obispo Valley and our own train as it rounds a horseshoe curve and continues to climb into the mountains and passes through several tunnels to reach Cueata Pass and on into the Salinas Valley.


North To Seattle


Our next stop is at Paso Robles which is located on the Salinas River. This city is known for its hot springs and mud baths, its abundance of wineries, production of olive oil, and almond orchards. As we race up the Salinas Valley we pass through many farms with field after field of lettuce and vegetables. This is Americas salad bowl. A brief stop at Salinas is made before we continue north as the sun sets in the west and we make our way to San Jose where another passenger stop is made. Arrival in Oakland is scheduled for 9:24PM and you may want to stretch your legs during this 15 minute stop. Bay Area passengers may board here or at Emeryville and Martinez. Back on the move we head north into the night running along the San Francisco Bay. How about a nightcap in the dome car as you watch the lights of our train reflect off of the water.




Morning finds us near beautiful Mount Shasta and traveling through volcanic rangeland on our way to Klamath Falls, Oregon, arriving at 8:17AM. Enjoy breakfast as we make our way north running along the shore of Upper Klamath Lake , following it for 18 miles. To the west is the sharp peak of Mt. McLoughlin. This lake is 8 miles wide and 40 miles long. As we continue to travel north we enter the huge Klamath Indian Reservation. Through the pine trees you can see Mt. Thielsen and Mt. Scott which is the eastern rim of Crater Lake. We then have a spectacular crossing of the Cascade Range emerging in the valley of the Willamette River, home of Oregon's finest vineyards, and some of its most important cities, from Eugene to Portland. Arrival in Portland is at 3:32PM and you are welcome to take a stroll on the platform and inspect the station as you will have a 40 minute station stop. At 4:12PM we continue our trek north towards Seattle arriving at 8:37PM. Our cars will be removed from the train and parked at King Street Station.


North To Seattle


North To Seattle



all prices are per person


roomette ......................................................... $1,199  
bedroom .......................................................... $1,199  
drawing room ................................................. $1,599  
stateroom ....................................................... $1,599  
Bedroom ensuite ............................................ $1,699  
Day Rider Los Angeles to Oakland ............... $299  
Day Rider Eugene to Seattle ......................... $259  
Day Rider, Portland to Seattle .................... $179  



drawing room$1,599


bedroom ensuite$1,699

Day Rider Los Angeles to Oakland$299

Day Rider Eugene to Seattle$259

Day Rider, Portland to Seattle$179